Check, Debit or Credit Card Payment Options
Pay in Full 20% Savings
Pay 50% 10% Savings
Pay Monthly Full Service Fee
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Interest Free Finance Payment Options
Finance 3 Months 20% Down Payment
Finance 6 Months 30% Down Payment
Finance 9 Months 40% Down Payment
Finance 12 Months 50% Down Payment

All finance options are interest free for the duration of the payment period. Late fees will be applied to accounts that are 10 days past the billing due date. Please see late fees and billing due dates for more details.

Finance options are available for all services at the rate of $300.00 dollars or more. This includes all services less than a rate of $300.00 that are combined over any period more than 4 months in duration of that service.

Financing services are available at NO Interest fees charged and NO Credit Checks. A late fee will be applied to all account 10 days past the due date!

Due dates on financed services are set for 30 days to the date of the signed services agreement and a late fee of $50.00 will be assessed to the accounts if the account is 10 day past the due date. All assessed late fees do not apply to the total of the service fees and are not refundable.

A $35.00 Returned check and auto debit fee will be assessed to all account, financed and non-finance for payment requested that do don’t clear the financial institutions of the service recipient and the fees are non-refundable.

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