MetaMorphixx: Nutrition and Fitness Consulting Services

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  Our services

*VO2 Max assessments must be performed in clinic all other services can be performed off site 

Fees are charged by the service:

BIA (Body Impedance Screening Analysis)                                           
Metabolic Screening (Resting)
Metabolic Screening(Active)                                                                 
Nutrition Consulting (Some insurance companies accepted)
Fitness Program Consulting and Diagnostics                                      
V02 Max Diagnostics Assessment (In clinic procedure only)
Weight Loss and Weight Management research                              
Outside personal trainer/training research                                       
Total Body Composition Stats                                                              
Home Gym Research, Design                                                               
Office Gym Research, Design                                                                

$195.00 (per session by the dietician)
$350.00 (includes breather assembly)
$475.00 (Set up fee only)
$1,275.00 (Set up fee only)

Additional services:

Fees for these services are charged by the hour                                                                                                

Initial Individual Health Screening Consultation
Group Wellness Seminar
Personal Training One-On-One- Individual fitness training one on one with an instructor

$195.00 Hourly Rate


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