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MetaMorphixx lifestyle change health stages from beginning to maintenance

Phase 1 (Bronze 90 MetaMorphixx Health Stage-Beginner)

Phase 2 (Silver 90 MetaMorphixx Health Stage-Progressive)

Phase 3 (Platinum 90 MetaMorphixx Health Stage-Committed)

Phase 4 (Gold 90 MetaMorphixx Health Standard and Maintenance Stage)

Phase progression:

Research shows that nearly 90% of our population has the drive and enthusiasm to live a healthier lifestyle, however they haven’t the time, energy or the financial resources to commit to a healthier way of living, thus we at MetaMorphixx Nutrition and Fitness Consulting, LLC have designed our services with numerous options to suite nearly every individual case from an individual’s work schedule commitments, to their financial resource accessibly, thus creating a custom health and wellness plan suitable for everyone!

Each stage is 90 days to full development and life style change commitment, so it will take approximately 12 months start to finish. Each stage will consist of specific health and wellness goals as well as lifestyle changes that will need to not only occur, but be well in effect as part of the commitment to better health before moving on to the next stage.

Each stage will consist of the obtaining of a health standard metal that reflects the phase being completed and moving into the next phase altimetry culminating in a Metamorphixx Gold Standard trophy for reaching the gold standard phase along with a few major accolades and acknowledgments of the accomplishments made by the individual.


How it works

Our most popular and cost effective program:

“Fitness Program Consulting and Diagnostics”

We design and implement a base training and vascular plan along with identifying your nutritional needs with our dietician via information sharing. Metamorphixx reviews your lifestyle, including work, study, and travel; i.e., distance to and from work as well as vacation time pre-scheduled that may prolong your progress and we evaluate your abilities to manage and commit to your fitness training program.

Once we have completed our initial assessment that includes your interview and current state of health information gathering, BIA assessment information, BMI computations and general range of motion limits, and finally your total body composition, we will complete your first four (4) week training program and implement it.

You will be scheduled to a video conference with your consultant once you have received your initial first four (4) week Bronze Phase training. At this time, your program will be discussed with you in detail and you will have ample time for questions and concerns.

You will be required to send a week ending training report back to your consultant at the end of each week of training via electronic file and your consultant will contact you within 24 hours to give you feedback on your progress. This process generally takes approximately 3 to 12 months to be fully engaged and maintained, however, you may progress through the phases faster depending on your ability to remain committed to the developed process.

Average time in this program is 6 months. All individuals committing to this program for more than 3 months will have an additional face to face meeting with their consultant at the end of each month via video conference or in some cases, in person, to discuss concerns and plan for the next level of training.

What You'll Get

Our most popular and cost effective program:

With our online consulting services, your consultation package will include:
•    Member access to your individual nutrition and fitness profile
•    Member access via live-feed for nutrition and fitness training issues
•    Instant access to your fitness and lifestyle consultant for follow-up and feedback
•    Regularly scheduled video conferencing with your consultant
•    Access to the inner community blog to post your progress and develop fellowship
•    Special member discounts on all other services and invitations to our group wellness seminars

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