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Non-Financeable Service Discounts

All SERVICE FEES $0 to $299.99 in total service fees NO Discounts or financing applicable
ALL SERVICES paid monthly NO Discounts or financing applicable
ALL SERVICES PAID IN FULL Discount 20% apply code: PIF
 ALL SERVICES PAID BY 50% of total service fee Discount 10% apply code: PD50%
Special Employment Service Discounts
Corporate Level Discount 25% apply code: CORP/DSC
DOD Active Duty Military 60% apply code: DOD/ACTV
DOD Veteran Discount 80% apply code: DOD/VET
Federal & State Employee Discount 50% apply code: FED&ST/EMPLY
Law Enforcement/Public Safety & Health Service Employee Discount 30% apply code: LE/PS/HSE
Additional Service Discounts
Senior Discount 60+yrs Discount 20% .apply code: SNR60+
Student/College Discount 20% apply code: ST/CLG
Friend Referral Discount 15% apply code: RFD/DSC
Email List Discount 25% apply code: EML/DSC

Only one (1) payment option or discount code may be applied to any service selected per individual and must be applies first at checkout for the discount category you are looking to use, if you are not sure what category to use for your discount, please contact us at 202-798-1596 during regular business hours and one of our agents will be pleased to assist you with your service selection and discount code application. You may also use the form on our contact us page to complete this same information and request assistance.

All military, federal, state, law enforcement personnel, along with EMT/Health services employees, student and senior discount savings codes should be applied prior to final checkout.

All accounts financed for 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, or 12 month interest free payment, will be set up for automatic payment during initial consultation with consultant.

Please read full statement on finance options page prior to selecting this option for payment of services selected and the duration of the services with the total service fees adjusted.

Finance options are not applicable on any “Special Employment Service Discounts” services selected and any services that require a nutritional consultation with a registered deification.

All “Special Employment Service Discounts” are applied to the services during checkout and the balance is paid at the end of checkout. Anyone electing to use any these discounts should be aware that when the discount option code has been applied during checkout, the balance remaining after the discount has been applied will be due must be paid at checkout and there are will be no other discounts, financing, or payment options applicable with this discount option selection.

Finance options and discount savings are not applicable to any services that are paid in full or paid by 50% of the total service fee with a balance remaining and due within the maximum 90 day fee payment plan implemented. No other discounts are applicable with this payment plan.

Corresponding verification of discount applied will be completed at initial consultation. Proper verification includes student and senior school and or state issued identification. DOD CAD Card or state and federal employee ID cards may be presented to verify employment status for federal employees and active duty military personnel. VA issued ID card may be used for all veterans of the armed services.

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