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Got BIA?


Answer these important questions!

1. Have you been exercising more than 6 weeks with no fat or weight loss?

2. Has your weight seem to have gone up?

3. Has your energy level gone down?

4. Do you feel bloated on occasions for seemingly no reason?

5. Are your clothes fitting just a bit snugger?

6. Has your doctor suggested losing a few pounds and you don’t know where to start?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, why not let our consultants at MetaMorphifxx help you get your health concerns resolved once you have completed your BIA and Resting Metabolic screening with MetaMorphixx. The BIA screening takes just 30 minutes and the Resting Metabolic screening takes 30 minutes and it’s administered prior to eating, drinking and exercising and is 100% accurate in screening your current body composition including BMI, BMR, Body Fat, and more. The information contained in your report will significantly alter the direction of your current state of health, and your physical fitness performance while providing you with sustainable results expeditiously when your program is completed and implemented. No more guessing about what to do for your health and wellness, spinning your wheels or confusion from misleading magazine articles, get the right information and programming for you!


  BIA/Metabolic Consulting

This program is designed to reduce your body fat!

Program Features:

•   Monthly BIA (Body Impedance Analysis) screening

•   Monthly Resting Metabolic Screening

•   Monthly Active Metabolic Screening (If needed)

•   Monthly Complete Full Body Composition Stats 

•   Functional Movement and Training Technique Development and Guidance

•   Complete Cardiovascular and Core conditioning Program Design

•   Complete Shaping and Toning Program Design



By Implementation of your specifically customized nutrition profile by our dietician and your cardiovascular conditioning and toning program by MetaMorphixx that enhances your nutrition program that targets and reduce your body fat in pounds and percent around the waist, hip, thigh, and belly and oblique areas on a consistent weekly bases while shaping and toning your full body including your core area. Your program is specific to you based on scientific analysis gathered from your personal BIA screening and your Resting Metabolic screening that allows for custom profile development and implementation as well as maintenance to achieve and maintain your results permanently.


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