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Accurate VO2 Max Diagnostic Tests

Improve your running performance with the help of metaMORPHIXX Nutrition and Fitness Consulting in Baltimore, Maryland. We conduct VO2 max diagnostic tests with precision.

What is VO2 Max Test
Ideal for peak performers, VO2 max tests your oxygen uptake. It also involves testing your oxygen to carbon dioxide ratios. Through this test, we can help you get the most of what you uptake.


Oxygen to CO2 Test
Learn your body's oxygen and carbon dioxide levels with our help. We conduct oxygen to CO2 testing that typically lasts for about an hour. During the test, you will get a fresh mask that you get to keep after. Once ready, our specialists will discuss the results with you. They will also help you create a new training program, if needed.

Body Mass Index Testing
Ideal for both males and females, this test reveals how many calories you need in order to function. It also measures your body fat based on your weight and height. This test helps you target problem areas and find the correct amount of calories to burn.


Running Man On the Treadmill - MetaMorphixx
Value-Added Services
To help you know where to start, our fitness consultants will give you a detailed breakdown of the result of the tests. They will also help you align your goals accordingly. All of these services are provided at very reasonable rates.

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