Individual Fitness Plan from Seasoned Fitness Consultants

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Achieve the body that you've always wanted with the help of the fitness consultants of MetaMorphixx Nutrition and Fitness Consulting. We offer effective fitness plans ideal for anyone who wants to get into shape and maintain great physical condition and weight management. Anyone managing with muscle skeletal issues, geriatric or limited mobility issues as well as post injury and physical therapy issues might need further consultation, however, we at MetaMorphixx can find the right health management program to suit your specific concerns.  

How It Works
For our fitness clients, to thoroughly assist you, we will get to know you first. We'll look at your goals and demographics to identify your needs. For example, some seniors may have stiff limbs or might have a hard time be picking up weight. Once we have completed our initial assessment that includes your interview and information gathering, BIA assessment, BMI computations and general range of motion limits, and finally your total body composition, we will design a base training and vascular plan and identify your nutritional needs with our dietician.

MetaMorphixx will also conduct research on other training facilities as well as personal trainers and for our clients fitness needs as all clients may not be at liberty to work with us for personal training. 

Visible Results
In our clinic or at your home or office, turn to MetaMorphixx if you have been working with a trainer, but are not getting the result you've wanted, we may be able to discover areas that needs specific addressing with your current trainer and provide your trainer with much need outside observation and at no time will MetaMorphixx see to lure any client from their current trainer or training facility as we work with all facilities and trainers as an objective observer only. A custom fitness plan fit for your needs is more rewarding than getting a mass-market plan. We'll teach you how to get your health and wellness under control, without guesswork and maintain it with the least of headaches and expense. 

Save time and money when you turn to MetaMorphixx for fitness consulting. You need not sign a contract to get the help that you deserve. We'll first show you what you need to do for your particular concerns and then implement the plan and follow-up with you on your progress as you work towards your goals.  

Contact our fitness consultants to schedule your professionally designed health and wellness plan today