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 A veteran owned and operated company proudly serving the Army, Navy, Air force, Marines, US Coast Guard
and all veterans of the US Armed Services, Metamorphixx thanks you all for your service.

Eat and live well with the help of metaMORPHIXX Nutrition and Fitness Consulting. We design nutrition programs according to your lifestyle.

Weight Scale

Maintain your ideal body weight with the help of our fitness consultants. Count on them to prepare a fitness plan that is right for you.


Boost your running performance with our help. We conduct VO2 diagnosis to help you determine the rate of oxygen you consume.

MetaMorphixx is the leader in innovative nutritional consulting, weight loss management and personal training that covers a wide variety of health and wellness goals such as: shaping & toning, weight loss, joint flexibility, muscle development, athletic conditioning and agility, or just general basic physical fitness and over all basic health management. This program has been designed with a variety of support systems to compliment the fitness needs of any employee on location or off location. We work with any employee any where in the US or any other country to make the most of taking control of your health as well as maintaining control. Our programs deliver sustainable results and can be applied to anyone. via Implementation of specifically customized nutrition, fitness training and cardio programs designed to target and reduce body fat around the waist, hip, thigh, and belly areas weekly while shaping and toning your full body, we are able to assist our clients in obtaining their health and wellness goals as well as maintaining those goals as a new way of life style change for complete wellness.

Our services include:

Fees are charged by the service

BIA (Body Impedance Screening Analysis) $225.00
Metabolic Screening (Resting) $125.00
Metabolic Screening (Active) $275.00
Nutrition Consulting $175.00
Fitness Program Consulting and Diagnostics $275.00
Personalized Fitness and Nutrition Diagnostics $350.00
Weight Loss and Weight Management $450.00
Total Body Composition Stats Progression $125.00

Additional services:

Fees are charged by the hour

Initial Individual Health Screening Consultation $65.00
Group Wellness Seminar $125.00
Home Gym Research, Design and set-up $475.00
Office Gym Research, Design and set-up $1,275.00

We’re committed to your good health management and your total wellbeing

Learn about metaMORPHIXX Nutrition and Fitness Consulting

Live a healthier lifestyle with the help of metaMORPHIXX Nutrition and Fitness Consulting. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, we provide fitness training and nutrition consulting programs specifically designed for your needs. Our services also include VO2 max performance and body mass index testing. With more than 30 years of experience, we take pride in designing fitness plans that work for our clients.

Mission Statement
To present everyone with the best levels of health and wellness that we can.

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