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MetaMorphixx Nutrition and Fitness Consulting, LLC


Founded in 2005, MetaMorphixx has continued to be on the leading edge with innovative health and wellness program design, and implementation consisting of nutritional consulting, weight loss management, personal training, BIA and BMI research and assessment. MetaMorphixx consultants works exclusively with Military personnel and new recruits to prepare them for PT evaluations, MetaMorphixx has the skills and ability to get any active duty personnel or potential new recruit in shape for their PT exam within a two to four week period and MetaMorphixx has access to most military bases, institutions and facilities in the US. MetaMorphixx can help any active duty personnel maintain a high level of physical fitness readiness and we cover a wide variety of health and wellness goals such as: shaping & toning, weight loss, joint flexibility, muscle development, athletic conditioning and agility, metabolic assessment and exercise regimens as well as general basic physical fitness maintenance and overall health management and as always, MetaMorphixx greatly thanks all active duty personnel and veterans for their service. MetaMorphixx consultants can research any viable fitness and nutrition program for our clients and we work closely with clients in order to develop the best program for our clients on an individual bases because, one size does not fit all when it comes to your good health and wellness management.

MetaMorphixx has the ability to provide all services off location accept for or VO2 Max assessment, thus we can schedule appointments in the home or office. Our programs are designed with a variety of support systems to compliment the fitness needs of anyone in any location. MetaMorphixx consultants work with personal trainers on a variety of client issues as well including fitness training and nutritional compliance as a third party resource anywhere in the US and our programs deliver sustainable results and can be applied to anyone via Implementation of specifically customized nutrition, fitness training and cardio programs designed to target and reduce body fat around the waist, hip, thigh, and belly areas weekly while shaping and toning your full body, we are able to assist our clients in obtaining their health and wellness goals as well as maintaining those goals as a new way of life style change for complete wellness. We’re at MetaMorphixx are committed to your good health and wellness development and management for your total wellbeing 

Learn about MetaMorphixx Nutrition and Fitness Consulting
Live a healthier lifestyle with the help of MetaMorphixx Nutrition and Fitness Consulting, we provide fitness training research, development and implementation, nutrition consulting with a registered dietician who will specifically design the right nutritional plan for your needs and our services also includes BIA assessments, BMI evaluation, resting and active metabolic assessment screenings and if needed for athletic performance, a VO2 max performance screening. With more than 30 years of health and wellness training from the owners military and privet practice experience, we bring you the best the fitness industry has to offer and we take great pride in designing fitness plans that work for our clients.

Mission Statement
“To provide everyone with the highest levels of health and wellness assistance and service there is”.